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Turbo Air TSR-23SD-N6 23cf Reach-in Refrigerator Stainless Steel Single Solid Door

Turbo Air TSR-23SD-N6 23cf Reach-in Refrigerator Stainless Steel Single Solid Door


All models are available for full door tray racks but lamp shield will have to be removed prior to being installed and re-assemble lamp and lamp-shield after installing racks.

Other Features

  • Solid and sturdy grille design.
  • Minimum wattage heater in the cabinet frame to conserve energy and keep your cabinet water free.
  • Incandescent interior lighting.
  • Foamed with polyurethane, high-density cell insulation. (CFC free)
  • Positive seal with self closing doors.
  • Automatic evaporator fan motor delay when the door is open
  • Stay-Open Door system
  • Door locks.
  • 4″ swivel casters.



  • This cooler carries a three (3) year parts & labor warranty with a 5 Year compressor warranty.This Turbo Air model TSR-23SD is comparable to a True T-23

    This item weighs 309 lbs. but we have added 50 lbs. to the weight for packing and shipping.



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his item is brand new and ships directly from the supplier. Please note the image is above for reference only. TSR-23SD Stainless Steel interior and exterior reach-in refrigerator.

  • High-tech Monitor

The unit will beep to warn you if the door has been open for more than 2 minutes. The monitor has an indicator that lets you know that the fan is working. The monitor digitally displays the present temperature. You can easily adjust the temperature by pressing the up or down button.

  • Bottom Mounted Compressor

All units feature a bottom-mounted compressor for energy savings. High efficiency and easy service. The bottom-mounted compressor also allows the food to be placed in an ergonomically correct location.

  • Self-Diagnostic System

Shows the status of the freezer immediately.

  • Efficient Refrigeration System

Turbo Air’s solid refrigerators and freezers are designed with over-sized evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and greater efficiency.

  • Digitally controlled Temperature System

Enables temperature control without opening the door. Freshness of products lasts longer by keeping the correct temperature.

  • Self-Contained System

No plumbing required. Simple installation.

  • Self-Closing and Stay Open Door

Doors are equipped with self-closing and stay open feature.

  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Wire Shelves

Durable and easy to adjust.

  • Bun Tray Racks Available

Additional information

Weight 359 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 31 × 83 in


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